Terms and Conditions

  1. I/we have read and agree to the Emergency Evacuation Procedure outlined in the Things You Need To Know document
  2. I/we understand that other people and groups may be using other rooms in the complex at the same time as ours and confirm that everyone involved in or associated with the event will respect others’ space and privacy.
  3. I/we understand that we may not arrive earlier than the booked times, and I/we undertake to ensure that everyone involved in or associated with the event will clearly understand they have access only to the booked rooms.
  4. I/we undertake to ensure that no one will enter any rooms (except kitchen and bathrooms) which are not specifically booked for the event.
  5. I/we will ensure that the doors and windows are locked and all lights and heaters are off before we leave.
  6. I/we understand there is a cleaning fee of $60.00 and agree to pay this if the church or room is not left tidy, with all furniture restored to its original place, and/or if heaters are not turned off.
  7. I/we agree to use the full name of the venue, ‘St Andrew’s Centre’, for any advertising.
  8. I/we agree to pay the charges quoted to us for use of St Andrew’s facilities, including a deposit if required. An invoice will be sent following your reservation.
  9. I/we understand that events hosted by the St Andrew’s on The Terrace church have priority, and that occasionally a reservation may have to be cancelled or rescheduled – on receipt of notice – to allow for a church function.
  10. I/we understand there is No Parking at St Andrew’s during business hours.
  11. I/we understand that the St Andrew’s Centre does not accept any liability for equipment or personal belongings damaged or lost at the venue.
  12. I/we understand and accept the cancellation policy of the St Andrew’s Centre as follows. CANCELLATION POLICY: Bookings can be cancelled up to two weeks prior with no penalty. If the notice to cancel is received less than two weeks prior, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 50% of the venue rental (excludes catering cost). If a booking is cancelled within two working days, St Andrew’s reserves the right to charge a fee of 100% of the quote for the booking as stated below.
  13. I/we understand and agree that I/we as leader of our group will act as Fire Warden outside of office hours and that I have the role of the Fire Warden as set out in the Things You Need To Know document. I will outline the evacuation procedure to my group at the commencement of our reservation.
  14. I/we understand that St Andrew’s on The Terrace does not have a liquor licence. If I want to sell or supply alcohol, the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 outlines many occasions where a special liquor licence is required. To clarify this matter, I will consult the Wellington City Council to see if I need one for this reservation, and if necessary will apply for an obtain a licence.