Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to frequently asked questions about our Conference Centre.
Make a Reservation
If I want to contact you, when are you open?

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8.00am – 5pm.

What are the costs for hiring rooms at St Andrew's?
We have half day and full day rates. Where a booking carries over from the morning to the afternoon, a full day rate will apply as it is difficult to hire the room for a few hours in the morning or the end of the day.
Can you tell me what equipment you have available for hire?

We have data projectors, screens, an electronic whiteboard, portable sound system, laptop, flipcharts. Whiteboards and wireless internet are complimentary.

The full list of equipment and services can be seen here.

In regard to the room set-up, is this something we do ourselves or can you do this for us?
We can set the room up for you to your specifications. There is a cost for this service. Otherwise you are welcome to set the room up as you would like.
How about tea, coffee, plates and cups etc?

We can provide a tea and coffee service for your group or you can look after this yourself. Tea and coffee are available in the kitchenette and you are welcome to use our cups, plates and cutlery. Please put dishes in the dishwasher and turn on before you leave.

If you wish to order our tea and coffee service, please do so at the time of your booking. This can be laid out and ready for you at certain times throughout the day.

We might need food while we are there. Can you arrange catering for us?

We have three preferred caterers; Blue Carrot CateringSeasoned and Dressed and Food Envy. Menus and prices are available on their websites. Please order directly from the caterer and advise Laetitia, our Centre Manager, of the order you have made. You are also welcome to make your own catering arrangements.

At the end of the day, who cleans up?

There is an expectation that Not For Profit/Community groups re-set the room when they have finished and vacuum as required.

For all other groups, please tidy the room before you leave. Our team will re-set the room.


Do you have disabled access?

Yes. We have a ramp from the street into our reception area and a lift that makes all of our rooms accessible. Disabled access to the church is from the car park to the left of St Andrew’s.

Do you require a deposit?
A deposit is only required when the church is booked for a wedding.
What is your cancellation policy?
Bookings can be cancelled up to two weeks prior with no penalty. If the notice to cancel is received less than two weeks prior, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 50% of the venue rental (excludes catering cost). If a booking is cancelled within two working days, St Andrew’s reserves the right to charge a fee of 100% of the quote for the reservation.
How do I find St Andrew's?
We are located at 30 The Terrace, Wellington. Click here for a map.
Can I park my vehicle at St Andrew's?

Alas, we do not have car parks available at St Andrew’s for groups hiring our facilities. There are several parking buildings along The Terrace, however the closest is in Mowbray St, off Bolton St.

How do I pay?

An invoice will be issued (to the person who arranged the reservation) a day or two following the event being held. An exception to this is for a wedding reservation, where the invoice needs to be settled two weeks before the wedding.


Who uses St Andrew's?

St Andrew’s facilities are used extensively by government agencies, private businesses and individuals. There are also approximately 50 groups who meet at St Andrew’s every week. These include toastmasters, yoga/feldenkrais/tai chi classes, one on one coaching sessions, meditation, dance and singing classes, choirs and orchestra rehearsals and a range of support groups. We are also a venue for the NZ Blood Collection Service.